Ann Wo News - Baby Number 2 due End of March 2015

Hooray! :) Yes, I'm pregnant and have been trying to arrange a photo session for ourselves for ages, but with all the cute newborns and gorgeous families there was no time at all!


I'm about 16 weeks and feeling great, actually forgetting that there is someone inside! The first couple of months were a bit "meh" - I was knackered after sessions and always sleeping in the van on the way home,  luckily I have Radek, my assistant, that drives me. He also helps with the editing, and soon will start covering family sessions with older babies. He won't be doing maternity and newborns as that requires a lot of training and patience to get to the level I'd be happy with. He's great with older babies and children, we've worked together for years at the same studio before I went freelance. He also already photographs events, such as birthdays and christenings, which I don't do.

So finally we found the time when both Radek and my little family are free and the the whether is great!

I wanted photographs with a very natural, informal, lifestyle feel. Just us three having a nice walk, fooling around and laughing. I'm very very happy with the results!! :) There was a lot of giggles, boys were in good spirits, Andy even managed to do selfies in between shots, Ben was determined to test his digger everywhere he could and was cracking jokes like a pro. What a great day! :)

UPDATE! We know who we are having:) check this post Gender Reveal Session