Baby Photography - 4 months- Ann Wo - London

Baby photography is not only for newborn stage, that's for sure!

Quite often clients contact me when the baby is around 3 months and they are upset that they have "missed" an opportunity to photograph the little one. It's definitely not the case and you can have your photography session arranged at any age - each stage of development has its cute moments.

Here's my youngest little one - I promised myself to take more professional photos of the kids, not only using the phone:) It's a short version of a usual photo  shoot for clients. He's 4 months now and at that age we focus on getting the smiles, eye contact, cute expressions etc.

I started as soon as he's woken up from his afternoon nap. First I took a few shots on my flokati rugs.

Then a few lifestyle images in his cot. These are my favourites!

His brothers wanted to join, so after all the drama of changing into something "smarter" I did my best to take that I call it "grandparents' shot" - where everyone sitting nicely and looking in the camera. And a snuggle of course!

And then a few more casual shots of him. Isn't he yummy! :)

For a client's session I would also take lots of family shots and possibly outdoor images if the weather is good!

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