Let's talk Privacy Policy.

GDPR is upon us and everybody is pooping their pants in anticipation of 25.05.2018. 

So here's my secret and highly efficient admin procedure of handling clients' personal data.  Prepare to be amazed.

  • What personal data I collect and how?

You can email me, call me, text me or pm via Facebook or Instagram to establish an initial enquiry. 

If we do go ahead  with the booking - hooray! - your name, address, fee/deposit paid , shoot date or due date will be stored in my clients database on Google Drive which is heavily password protected. All communication history is automatically saved in the platform the communication has been done through - emails - in my email program on my Mac and Iphone, texts - on the phone (OBVIOUSLY), Fb messages on Fb site, etc 

I also take photos of clients (surprise!!!) which may or may not be considered personal data, but let's mention it anyway just in case. Photos are first stored on memory card, then transferred to hard drive, then backed up in the cloud (LiveDrive), then deleted from the memory card. 

All of this is necessary for me to do my job.

  • How do I use personal data?

I will use your email address, phone number, Fb messenger (it's up to you!) purely for discussing details of your photo session. 

I will use your address to send the photos to.

I will use your address as something to be inputted into Google Maps should we decide to carry out home session. 

I don't do newsletters, I have 3 kids, you get the idea!

I don't share ANY personal information with any third parties.

Your photographs will be processed with Photoshop, copied onto USB, printed and posted to you via Special Delivery.

When I have time to update images on the website and social media - I will NEVER use your images without permission! This is very important actually, I repeat - I will need your permission to use images on the website and social media.

I will not sell the images and will not share your images with anyone. 

  • Right of access, rectification and erasure

If you have any concerns of how I handle the data, want to correct the data you gave me,  or want to delete the images and your personal data, I'm happy to sort it out for you.

To summarise:

I use your contact details to contact you.

I take photos of you to give them to you.


Well done for reading this beautiful piece of writing. 

Ann Wo Photography Limited is GDPR compliant.